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Susmita Roy

Managing Editor

editor's note

Generative AI models have put extraordinary power into the hands of ordinary people. And while few may have yet ventured beyond AI’s ability to write essays or plan a vacation, most understand its potential is limitless.

In this special volume of ai:sight, we have curated a ‘best-of- the-best’ selection of the articles published in our first year. Our focus is on three questions that, here at Fractal, we discuss with our clients regularly: How is AI shaping the world? How can AI help you grow? How can AI be a game changer for your business success?

Exploration of these questions allows us to work out how best to apply our expertise and technologies to our client’s unique circumstances to ensure that they capitalize on the power of AI. We enable businesses to move quickly to deploy solutions that yield real results – such as improved products, reduced costs, and more effective teams – and position themselves ahead of the competition.

Over the following pages, you will find multiple examples of our client’s experiences, insights into the development of our solutions, and deep dives into the topics that matter – like operational excellence, product development, growth, and sustainability. There’s a mix of new content and highlights from the past year, and we hope you find plenty that will resonate with your business challenges.

We are looking back and looking ahead. Only by taking a 360-degree perspective can we fully open our eyes to the unlimited potential of artificial intelligence.

I hope you enjoy the read.

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GenAI in action, from call centers to healthcare

Generative AI's ability to automatically generate new text, audio & video is jumpstarting innovations

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Jonathan Saunders

Chief Data Officer, Direct Line Group

Suraj Amonkar

VP & Head of AI @Scale, Fractal

Ann Hintzman

Chief Design Officer, Fractal

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Chief Product Officer, Strategic Center, Fractal

Ajoy Singh

Chief AI Officer, Fractal

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In the realm of AI, we're on a collective journey to not only harness its immense potential but to ensure it touches every heart. It's about inclusivity, ensuring AI's benefits reach everyone, breaking down barriers to create opportunities. Yet, it's more than just technology; it's a force for positive change. AI tackles global challenges, from healthcare to sustainability, making our world better.

Let's embrace this vision for a brighter, more inclusive future together.

Imagine a world where every touchpoint feels like a personalized conversation. With AI technologies, create dynamic interactions that adapt in real-time, delivering tailored recommendations and offers and suggestions that feel like they were made just for them. Join us in this journey as we dive into stories that will help you forge meaningful connections with your audience. Embrace the future of customer engagement.

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