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Prescribing your pet’s future

The new Al app streamlines cancer treatment for beloved cats and dogs, providing treatment as early as possible.

Even our furry friends are susceptible to cancer, as tragically, one in five cats and one in four dogs fall victim to the disease at some stage during their lifetime. Early diagnosis is often vital to helping pets beat this life-threatening illness. However, it’s no simple matter for veterinarians to determine the most suitable course of action. Crafting individualized treatment plans based on each pet’s unique characteristics, such as age, breed, or medical history, can be highly time intensive – meaning precious moments are at stake when fighting this battle against cancer. 

But with lifesaving advances made daily in vet medicine technology – from AI diagnostics tools to advanced treatments – navigating the path back towards health has become more achievable! 

A new app called Dr. Pet is making this possible. 

Dr. Pet, powered by cutting-edge Customer Genomics and Fractal’s Next Best Action solution, brings this powerful technology into veterinary practice – giving vets a single source of truth they can use when assessing the health status of animals under their care.  

Additionally, predictive analytics let them identify pets most at risk of developing cancer in future years so preventive measures can be taken early, ensuring positive pet welfare outcomes now and far into the future. 

Veterinarians get to see a pet’s persona based on risk level calculated using feature engineering that leverages essential details such as pet characteristics, vet visit data, test results, and weight changes over time – along with further analytics and analysis. 

With early detection being paramount in treating cancer among pets, these insights enable better follow-up care so that illnesses do not go unnoticed or untreated until it’s too late. For instance, findings suggest that certain breeds prone to anemia are more likely predisposed to lymphoma.

Predictive analytics provides a valuable tool to help veterinarians get the most accurate information on pet prognosis.

By integrating intelligent attribution techniques with traditional expertise, this technology can spot important health triggers and estimate how long pets may live if one treatment path is taken instead of another – giving you and your beloved 4-legged family member peace of mind for years to come! 

From concept to reality in just three months, the revolutionary Dr. Pet app is tapping into medical technology for pet owners’ peace of mind. Early trials have proven successful, and this remarkable team has plans for more – an on-the-go solution that can potentially monitor a furry friend’s health from anywhere, with alerts when issues arise so illnesses don’t get out of paw! 

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