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Dancing to your algo-rhythm

The secret to creating enterprise AI tools that employees will adopt

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CEO Note

Pranay Agrawal

Co-founder and CEO

CEO Note

Building a global future with AI

The convergence of analytics and AI has opened new horizons and drives innovation in multiple spheres. Today, digital transformation is accelerating the way we consume goods and serve the requirements of aging people as we enter an era of population decline across countries.

At the same time, sustainable innovation is now a necessity. As a society, we must act in a way that sustains the human race and improves the quality of our lives. Artificial intelligence will be the key to addressing these challenges. Enterprises will save time and money through automation, improve the speed and effectiveness of decision-making, and increase revenue by finding new opportunities.

Leaders must be prepared to re-engineer their decision-making to thrive in this changing world. We equip you with information, insight, and real-work examples to support this process with ai:sight, our new bi-monthly magazine.

An amalgamation of ideas, ai:sight is about elevating value creation, delivering growth, and thriving in an ever-changing economic environment. We hear from the transformational individuals redefining how organizations operate and interact with the world. As agents of change, they bring unique insights and experiences.

I hope you enjoy the read.

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Dancing to your algo-rhythm

Employees will eagerly adopt enterprise AI that is designed to achieve their goals

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