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10 GenAI trends to watch in 2024

Generative AI is anticipated to be a cornerstone for creativity, innovation, productivity, and competitive advantage in the dynamic landscape of 2024.

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editor’s note

Susmita Roy

Managing Editor

editor’s note


Defining your priorities for the year ahead

As we enter 2024, thoughts naturally gravitate toward the future, with many contemplating the potential impact of generative artificial intelligence.

One thing that we don’t expect is for generative AI to replace human expertise. As Fractal’s Himanshu Nautiyal puts it: “Generative AI is the magic wand, but you still need the magician to hold the wand.”

So, what can we expect from AI in this year? In knowledge-intensive fields, GenAI democratizes information and gives humans more capacity. This will be transformational in areas like law and medicine, where demand for expertise exceeds supply. It will also increase the pace of business – enabling us to speed up the design of new products, for example, or achieve rapid compliance with industry legislation. Our feature article on page 06 explores this in more detail.

We have gathered some of the leading thinkers in the field to provide their insights on the immediate future of AI and consider the areas in which organizations and individuals can expect to make the greatest gains this year and beyond. It’s a fascinating collection of perspectives that will help you decide what your organization’s priorities should be to maximize the benefits of AI initiatives.

As GenAI sparks an industry revolution, don't miss engaging chats with Susan MacKenty Brady and Anne Morriss. Susan shares insights on how to help women thrive at work, while encouraging us to move fast and fix things.

I hope you enjoy the read.

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