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How intelligent accountability is ensuring a full and active role for AI in our society

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editor's note

Susmita Roy

Managing Editor

editor's note

Taking responsibility

Very few large organizations are unaware of their social responsibility and their operations' impact on the environment and society.

Most are taking positive actions to improve this impact. Organizations also increasingly recognize the need to take positive steps to mitigate environmental impacts. Not only have employees' well-being, carbon footprint reduction, and community contributions been prioritized, but businesses now understand that AI programs can significantly influence outcomes.

"Anything you do in AI must have responsibility at its core," says Sray Agarwal, a principal consultant at Fractal. Awareness of responsible AI is growing at the national and institutional levels. Fractal is working with governments worldwide to help shape policies and regulations. It is also working with individual businesses to ensure they consider the unintended consequences of their AI programs. You can read about responsible AI in this ai:sight issue cover story.

In the Franklin Templeton case study you will learn about a business seeking to understand its clients' behavior and preferences more personally.

Franklin Templeton Investments has tapped into the power of machine learning and pattern-matching algorithms to unlock new insights using Fractal's Advisor Genomics solution. This revolutionary approach provides a rich, in-depth understanding of their financial advisor customers in a completely new way. It also helps them identify and engage more valuable leads.

The solution has delivered impressive results, identifying 13,000 sales leads with a 65% success rate, leading to a 26% uplift in sales and an 82% 'thumbs up' favorability score from clients. Turn the pages to read more.

Results like these take great leadership. But how do successful people get even better? By answering questions like these, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has become one of America's most influential leadership coaches. He provides some thought-provoking insights and says: "Sometimes you need to eat the marshmallow"! Find out what he means in his exclusive interview.

There is plenty more in this issue too. I hope you enjoy the read.

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Responsibility is everyone’s responsibility: How intelligent accountability is ensuring a full and active role for AI in our society.

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